Daniel Lemay

Full Stack JavaScript Developer

Profile of Daniel Lemay


"One option is no option. Two options is a dilemma. Three options is a choice."
~Anthony Robbins


  • Responsive Web Design
  • Cutting edge web technologies including React, Redux, CSS Grid
  • Backend experience with APIs, Node, Express, and MongoDB
  • Experience working in large and diverse teams
  • Clear Communication and direction to reach end goals

My name is Daniel Lemay, and I am a full stack JavaScript developer specializing in React. I focus on building responsive and accessible front end applications using modern web technologies that are a pleasure to use. I pay attention to the details and work well with numerous stakeholders to complete projects. Take a look at some of my projects below and to contact me about available opportunities.




Wanderful is a web app to connect users with fun, randomized destinations and things to do when they get there. Upon visiting the site, users are able to click on a button and be directed to a destination details page for a randomly generated location from the database. Here users can view a brief description of the location and details such as hotels, restaurants, and entertainment available at the location. Additionally, users can get flight information to the destination's nearest airport. Users are also able to create an account which allows them to save their favorite destinations and points of interest for later retrieval on the user's dashboard.