Daniel Lemay
JavaScript Developer

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Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly.


  • Experience working in large and diverse teams
  • Cross disciplinary communication of technical topics
  • Breaking down business requirements into development objectives
  • Community and Meetup Organization
  • Cutting edge web technologies including React, GraphQL, and TypeScript

My name is Daniel Lemay, and I am a JavaScript developer specializing in React. I focus on building responsive and accessible front-end applications using modern web technologies. I have experience leading teams and breaking down business requirements into development approaches. I also organize various community events focused on helping people to learn web development and emerging technologies such as GraphQL.

Recent Blog Posts

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Better Dependency Management Using Renovate

Over the past few months I have been moving most of my projects to Renovate for managing dependencies. From my experience, Renovate offers several key benefits over other solutions such as Greenkeeper and Dependabot. This blog post will focus on what Renovate is and what differentiates it from other…

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Personal Retrospective: Q3 2019

Back in August, I completed my first quarterly personal retrospective as a means of being more intentional with life. I believe increased introspection allows for finer course corrections and recognizing the milestones of accomplishments along the way. For me, a setting intentions allows me to more…

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How to Configure Jest for Vue apps Using Vuetify

I have recently been working on a Vue project which utilizes Vuetify for the base of some of it's components. Vue has the ability to register components globally, eliminating the need for importing base components. This works great in development, but I came across an error when testing the…

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8 New ESLint Rules - Jest

Maintaining an ESLint config has several benefits, a significant one being seeing new rules as they become available. ESLint shapes the way we use JavaScript, and now TypeScript too. As I prepared for the latest release of my own ESLint config, I became aware of several new and helpful rules for…

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The Completion of 30 Days of Functional Programming

This past week I completed my challenge of spending 30 days diving into functional programming. It was a valuable experience filled to the brim with new or fledgling concepts. Apart from my experience with 100 Days of Code, this was one of my first forays into the increasingly popular concept of…

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Functors and Monads - #30DaysofFP Week 3

Functors and monads may sound like some dark secret ingredient from the recesses of functional programming. For our purposes we will begin to approach them as data types that follow a base set of rules. In this post we will dive into working definitions for functors and monads as well as a working…