Linked List - 20190822

1 min read · August 22, 2019

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The Linked List is a collection of interesting articles that I have recently read and found beneficial. Today's links cover web accessibility, TypeScript adoption, and React Hooks.

  • Hey Domino’s, You’re Not Delivering: Recently Domino's petitioned the United States Supreme Court saying that they did not need to make their website accessible. This post breaks down how the current website experience affects real people and callouts for areas of improvement.
  • An Intro To Screen Reader Testing for Sighted Developers: This is a great article and introduction into using a screen reader for accessibility verification. Automated testing cannot catch all accessibility errors, including focus management. Getting some time using a screen reader is a great way to increase empathy and improve your site’s accessibility.
  • ES6 — Map vs Object — What and when?: If you have ever wondered what the difference between a map and object is, or why you may want to use one over the other, this is the article for you. It does a great job breaking down the differences of the two, what they excel in, and when you may want to reach for one over the other.
  • Adopting Typescript at Scale - Brie Bunge | JSConf Hawaii 2019: Brie does a fantastic job of breaking down the process of bringing TypeScript into a large organization. This interested in TypeScript or trying to rally a group of developers around it may glean from some of the lessons learned at AirBnB.
  • 5 Tips to Help You Avoid React Hooks Pitfalls: React Hooks are a great addition to the ecosystem. In this post Kent C Dodds breaks down some potential gotchas and how to have the best experience possibilities working with hooks.
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