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Better Dependency Management Using Renovate

November 18, 2019
Over the past few months I have been moving most of my projects to Renovate for managing dependencies. From my experience, Renovate offers several key benefits over other solutions such as Greenkeeper and Dependabot. This blog post will focus on what Renovate is and what differentiates it from other dependency management solutions. For a higher level overview on dependency management, I recommend checking out how to manage dependencies with confidence. What is Renovate Renovate is a GitHub, or GitLab, application that monitors dependency updates for a given repository and opens Pull Requests when new versions are available. While I have used them for JavaScript dependency management, Renovate also supports the following languages and…
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How to Manage Dependencies with Confidence

February 25, 2019
Rock balancing in nature
Managing dependencies is a core part of maintaining a project long term. Projects run the risk of decay if not maintained. The evolution of the environment around them can also introduce decay. Dependency management can be an intimidating and error prone process, if not approached with a plan. About a year ago, I went to update the dependencies for a full stack JavaScript application for the first time in over four months. Not knowing any better at the time, I ran and updated all the server and client dependencies in one fell swoop. Looking back I shudder even thinking of that and what happened next. It took two to three hours to get beyond the red React error screen. It was another hour or two until I felt comfortable that everything was…
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How to Configure Jest for Vue apps Using Vuetify

October 9, 2019
I have recently been working on a Vue project which utilizes Vuetify for the base of some of it's components. Vue has the ability to register components globally, eliminating the need for importing base components. This works great in development, but I came across an error when testing the component with Vue Testing Library. Vue console error for using a globally registered component that could not be found This error occurred because Jest had not been configured to recognize Vuetify's global components. In order to resolve this, some additional information was required in the Jest setup file. First, we need to import both Vue and Vuetify in the setup file. By calling , Jest becomes aware of the plugin and the globally available components…
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8 New ESLint Rules - Jest

September 9, 2019
Maintaining an ESLint config has several benefits, a significant one being seeing new rules as they become available. ESLint shapes the way we use JavaScript, and now TypeScript too. As I prepared for the latest release of my own ESLint config, I became aware of several new and helpful rules for testing with Jest. In this post, I'll dive into what some of these new rules are and some considerations for why they aren't added to the options. The interesting balance of ESLint semver ESLint rules are an interesting interplay with semantic versioning or semver. Adding a new rule as an option is considered a feature and warrants bumping the package a minor version. However, enabling the rule as an error can cause new lint errors. This is…
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The Completion of 30 Days of Functional Programming

September 5, 2019
This past week I completed my challenge of spending 30 days diving into functional programming. It was a valuable experience filled to the brim with new or fledgling concepts. Apart from my experience with 100 Days of Code, this was one of my first forays into the increasingly popular concept of #LearnInPublic as well. In this post, I break down some of the structures that were beneficial or not to my learning process, as well as a 50,000 foot overview of the concepts learned along the way. Approach as a medium of learning The process of committing to spend 30 minutes a day for 30 days on one given topic was a beneficial learning tactic. It provided enough structure to catalyze and focus my learning efforts, without being overly…
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